What IS a Legacy Portrait?



As many of you know, one of my featured products is the  “Legacy Portrait”.  I was reading a Blog done by another photographer from out of state and it was so well done that I asked if I could use it as a guest post. Sally is a talented photographer and public speaker in the Allentown, PA area. I think you will definitely enjoy her explanation of “What is Legacy Portraiture?”

Sally’s Blog:  “Remember rummaging through a box of old photos tucked away in your parents’ or grandparents” closet?  Remember the feeling of discovering forgotten treasures of a special memory? It can be quite a beautiful sensation.

For many reasons, holding on to these treasures is fascinating. Some photos can be faded away, others may have serrated edges that I personally recall rubbing my fingers across as I turned the photo treasure over. Often revealing distinctive handwriting, confirming the details of the special event, time and place.

Take a moment to visualize those sepia tone prints, or perhaps your parents’ hand-painted wedding photo from the 1930’s suggesting the introduction of color where, for so log there was none. The clothes, hairstyles, cars and scenery were all intriguing, and they still are! The purpose of recording a legacy portrait is to record, remember and share. Today all of these memories are present, waiting for you to record. That box in the corner of your closet still reaches out to you from time to time, filled with captured memories from the past, helping to clearly remember all the good times and how far we have come.

Assembling the memories of our lives or the lives of those we love so much is important. Important seems not to be a strong enough sentiment. Perhaps imperative is more appropriate, necessary and/or required. It is not a burden, but a privilege. Time slips by and we often forget that getting the family together for a portrait is just that, a privilege.

Legacy portraiture is defined as the gift of memories (photographs) to be handed down. Creating the Legacy Portrait is probably one of the most important photographs produced. Maybe you are an “empty nester”. Holidays approach and once again, we are presented with the wonderful privilege and opportunity of being together as families. Sometimes the preparations are enough to make us want the holiday season to be over, but look at the opportunity in front of you.

Approach each season with some of the following thoughts:

  • – How many of us will be together?
  • – Can we travel to include even more of the family than we did last year?
  • – Could we bring all of us together for a family portrait?
  •  – Will the kids be away next year at this time?
  •  – Is someone elderly or sick in the family?

I can think of no better gift than the memory a photograph creates.

Hire a Professional Photographer to help turn the family Legacy Portrait into a reality. Seize the opportunity to make it happen soon!

Legacy portraiture is a personal history documenting your family. We all leave a “unique footprint” on earth and our portrait should show this uniqueness for generations to come. Look at the creation of this portrait as an opportunity to show the world your family!

The experience is priceless!



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