What is your Aura?

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of wearing the proper colors to look your best for your portrait sitting. I also talked about how the Master Painters recognized the aura that a person gave off.

Your aura is influenced by your mood, your energy level, your health and your inner sense of well being.

The clothes you wear can also influence the aura you portray. Have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself, “Oh, that color is so wrong for them.” Or, on the flip side, have you said to a friend, “Wow, you look great in that color.”  Your subconscious actually gives you the reason – Color.  You know they look good but you recognize that it is due to the color they are wearing.

When I did Seasonal Color Analysis years ago, I worked with sets of draping materials that were individually dyed and tested with a special meter to determine that it had the proper intensity of undertone to achieve maximum results.

The important first step in this scientifically based system, was to determine the undertone of their skin.  The drapes cause five physiological changes to occur and help identify their base color tone. The System, when used properly, is fail safe due to built-in safeguards.

Certain drapes are “blood exercisers” causing the blood to flow into the face where the “halo hollow”  has a change in “halo color”. This is temporary and then the skin will smooth and blend.

As portrayed by the Master Artists, the halo actually sits out a little from the jaw line – it is an energy field, slightly above the skin.  As the undertone is being determined, a detection of what seems to be movement of facial features may occur.  This soon disappears.

The halo effect will actually brighten up the face.  The brightness was depicted in art as a halo around  the subject.  Master painters became very adept at recognizing this brightness in their models. Even today, a trained artist or photographer can actually “see” the brightness based on the colors worn by their subjects/ models.Little Angel

Just remember that hair color can also have a major effect on skin tone. I have seen people, whose hair has been colored, whose skin tone takes on a very sallow or dull look. This is especially evident with an incorrect tone of blonde hair. Sometimes there is no tonal difference between skin and hair. They may think this is good but in reality it makes their face look dull and drab. The proper undertone of their hair color, in comparison to their skin tone, can make all the difference in the world as to how they look.

If you have a clothing color that always brings a “Wow” response from people – It is probably one of the colors that is right for you. Wear it with confidence.

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